Raritan Valley 社区 大学 is e年龄r to connect talented students with jobs or internships at your company or organization.

考虑一个实习生来帮助你完成你的项目. Interns can possess up-to-date training 和 skills to meet your needs in such areas as accounting, 生物技术, 业务, 活动计划, 金融, 市场营销, 律师助理, 平面艺术, 刑事司法, 计算机网络 & 支持,web开发和更多.


通常被称为“合作社”, it provides academic credit for a structured job experience which is supervised by a Faculty Program Coordinator. 这是一种学生兼职工作的大学经历, acquiring academic credit along with on-the-job training directly related to their academic major 和 career interest. 学生将注册并支付Co-op.

An internship is a career-related work experience during which a student assumes a meaningful, 传统大学环境之外的挑战角色. 实习 are mutually beneficial to both employer 和 student, 然而, there must be a mentoring component to fulfill the requirements of a college internship. 实习 are more flexible than Co-ops since they are not tied to an academic semester. Start date 和 end date is determined by employer 和 student.

十大堵博正规首页歡迎您实习生将最新的技能带到工作场所, 还有他们的热情和动力. In combining college coursework with h和s-on experience in their chosen career, they develop abilities in not only their specific field of study, 还有交流方面, 批判性思维, 以及团队合作的能力. The internship experience provides a win-win for both the employer 和 the student.

There is never any charge for an employer to post an internship or job opportunity with 十大堵博正规首页歡迎您.



  • 工作职责必须以质量为基础, for the purpose of practical instruction in the student's chosen field of study/career. 粗活是不能接受的.
  • A mentoring component is essential to the internship experience.
  • Student interns will be expected to follow established company rules 和 regulations which have been clearly stated 和 presented to the student in writing.
  • Hours of work 和 rate of pay will be decided between the intern 和 the company 和 clearly stated in writing.
  • Placement can be short-term, long-term, 和 indefinite or internship-to-direct hire.
  • Interns will never be asked to skip a class in order to meet employer dem和s.
  • Should any problems arise with the intern, the company must immediate notify 艾丽西亚 Hermo-Weaver 电话:908-526-1200 x8213或 艾丽西亚.Hermo-Weaver@loctite425.com.


  1. 学术ally trained, enthusiastic students who are amenable to training 和 criticism
  2. 临时或季节性职位的优秀候选人.
  3. Establishment of a relationship with 十大堵博正规首页歡迎您 职业生涯 Services 和 receive assistance with other placement needs.
  4. 减少培训和招聘费用.
  5. Provides the opportunity to evaluate potential employers with long-term commitment.
  6. Helps employers with seasonal needs, short term re搜索 studies 和 special projects.
  7. Frees up professional staff to maximize their contributions 和 pursue other projects.
  8. 为未来的大学/雇主合作提供机会.
  9. 全年都有高积极性的预备专业人员.
  10. 学生为老问题带来新的视角.
  11. Marketing tool for your company enhancing visibility of your organization.



  • Determine the needs of your organizations 和 obtain employee buy-in
  • Familiarize yourself with legalities surrounding student interns
  • Develop a position description 和 compensation plan for the student intern
  • 将职位发布在学院中央网络上 http://www.collegecentral.com/raritanval
  • Interview students for internship positions just as you would potential employees
  • 为候选人提供全面的职位描述
  • 一旦报价被延长, 讨论并以书面形式提供工资率和频率, 好处/津贴.
  • Provide orientation for student interns with a check list to ensure essential points of company operation 和 job duties are addressed.



  • 向员工介绍实习生
  • 办公设备操作
  • 保密和安全协议
  • 安全问题
  • 一般行为准则
  • 着装要求,正常营业时间,午餐和休息时间
  • 停车安排



  • 与学生一起安排每周的日程安排
  • 定期安排与学生的会面
  • Develop clear expectations 和 provide timely 和 constructive feedback on a regular basis
  • 为学生提供具有挑战性、有意义的工作. 粗活可能是实习生任务的一部分, but the bulk of the work should provide the student with practical, 在他们的领域有实践经验
  • Treat student intern as a valuable member of the company team
  • Educate intern on the history, operation 和 mission of the company
  • Invite intern to attend appropriate meetings 和 presentations
  • 确保导师/主管随时待命并回答问题. 记住这对学生来说是一次学习的经历. 强烈建议定期开会.
  • Keep an on-going performance file on each intern for future reference



  1. Complete an evaluation 和 review with the intern upon completion of internship.
  2. Remember to address any issue that may arise with both the intern 和 十大堵博正规首页歡迎您’s Internship Coordinator.
  3. 去 your 大学 Central Network Employer P年龄 和 let us know if you hired an 十大堵博正规首页歡迎您 Student!
  4. Let the Internship Coordinator know when your position has been filled, 实习结束后, 如果你有其他的实习机会,你想发布.
  5. Answer a brief survey for our office about the satisfaction of your experience.



  1. http://www.collegecentral.com/raritanval/
  2. 点击“雇主” 
  3. 然后点击“创建账户.”  
  4. 注册创建 访问ID
  5. 提交"你的信息"



  • 收到一封解释如何做的电子邮件
    激活 你的账户
    创建密码 -你会得到链接
  • Once you have done that you can post your position simply by clicking on “发布职位


You will have a homep年龄 where you can list 和 expire multiple positions as well as report your 十大堵博正规首页歡迎您 hires to us!


雇主 -- Talk to 和 recruit potential employees on the Raritan Valley 社区 大学 campus. Tables are conveniently located in a high traffic area (usually adjacent to the cafeteria or bookstore). To reserve a table on Campus, contact the 职业生涯 Services Office at 温迪.beyer@loctite425.com 或908-526-1200 x8934.


艾丽西亚·赫莫·韦弗,m.s.A., GCDF
908-526-1200 x8213

完整的 & 兼职职位
米歇尔一. Amparbin, M.P.A.


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